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Jordan Pickford a primary Chelsea transfer target

Please go away.

Everton v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

You knew it would only be a matter of time. Jordan Pickford was one of the breakout players of the summer in Russia, and the rest of the world discovered what we already knew - the lad’s a superstar.

Pickford made highlight reel save after save for England, and turned his reputation into that of one of the world’s best goalkeepers over the span of just a few weeks. The accolades are well deserved.

Meanwhile, Thibaut Courtois has been rumored to join Real Madrid for ages now, and with his contract running down, those reports are coming to a head. Chelsea face the prospect of selling him now or losing him for nothing, and they’ll need a replacement.

After losing out on Alisson to Liverpool, the London club have reportedly set their eyes on Everton’s number one.

Let me be perfectly clear: Everton have no reason to sell Jordan Pickford. He is on a long-term contract, and is perhaps now the most recognizable player at the club. Pickford is young, and by all accounts loves it at Goodison Park.

Chelsea would need to start the bidding north of what the Reds paid for Alisson, and even then, Marcel Brands might laugh them out of the room. In some ways, it would be a lot like losing Romelu Lukaku - no matter the fee, you simply can’t adequately replace a player of this value and stature.

Maurizio Sarri and company have a transfer problem. I’m sure that won’t come as a surprise. Everton shouldn’t bail them out of it by selling their best player. Piss off.