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Do Watford know what they really want?

Hornets can sincerely do one over the Marco Silva business

Watford v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

A couple of hours after we accused Watford of being greedy scum in re-initiating proceedings against Everton over the Marco Silva appointment, the Hornets issued a statement. The problem is, the oddly-worded communication makes it very confusing on what they are expecting from this whole business.

For the sake of brevity we’ll skip the whole timeline again (read it here) and go right to what the club said, highlighting some points made in the rambling statement (read it here) -

“The complaint to the Premier League makes clear the seriousness of the allegation and what the club believes is overwhelming evidence of a clear breach of Premier League rules.”

This is despite evidence Everton have presented that Watford FC ‘tapped up’ Marco Silva when he was manager at Hull City the previous season.

“At the request of the Premier League we entered into mediation with Everton in a process that involved club officials and their respective legal teams, with no conclusion being reached.”

Despite having no need to, the Blues first offered the Hornets £1million in cash during the mediation, an offer that was outright refused. Then there was the inflated transfer fee that the Toffees paid for Richarlison, with the same aim in mind. Ironically enough, the proceedings against the Blues were reinstated the day after the Brazilian was announced. Timing eh?

“Therefore the disciplinary process continues. In pursuing its disciplinary claim, the club has known from the outset it forfeited any right to compensation as a consequence of not following a proposed arbitration process.”

Classy of Watford to not want to be paid off. We sincerely retract our previous comments about the Hornets being ‘money-grubbing’.

“We believe this situation is not about a compensation figure but the principle of making a stand when the actions of one Premier League club completely undermine and cause intrinsic damage to a fellow member club.”

Evidently what Watford are seeking is a points deduction, which is unprecedented in the Premier League for this situation. It’s not like the Blues did not offer to compensate them quite handsomely for Marco Silva.

However, using ‘undermine’ and ‘intrinsic damage’ is quite laughable considering Watford have gone through.. NINE managers in five seasons. If they’re gearing up for a legal battle as that remains the only recourse after two mediation meetings, so be it.

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