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Everton Ladies Release Club’s 2018-19 Away Kits

Ladies side unveils new black and pink away strip

Everton Ladies launch Club’s 2018-19 away kit

While Everton fans wait with bated breath to see who (if anyone?) the first signing of the summer is going to be, Toffees at least know what their side will be wearing when they take the field at Wolves on August 11th to start the 2018-2019 campaign.

On Thursday morning Everton released their away kit, and as was announced yesterday the Everton Ladies would be doing the honours, presumably wearing it during the friendly Derby on Sunday.

While the design was leaked a while ago and even on shelves in some places, supporters can now take a closer look at the black and pink kits the Toffees will be wearing when they attempt to improve on their AWFUL away form from last campaign.

The away kits don’t feature any MAJOR design changes or special features, but does include the Umbro diamond trim very similar to the new home kits.

While Everton fans will be happy to catch up to the rest of the league and be able to purchase all of the away kits their hearts may desire, I have a feeling more fans are interested in WHO will be wearing this kit.

Don’t worry fans, have confidence!

I am sure that there are plenty of signings to Mal-com.

For now, enjoy some pretty snazzy kits!