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Everton Ladies to launch new kits

Toffees helping promote #whatif campaign with groundbreaking move

Chelsea Ladies v Everton Ladies - WSL Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

When Everton rolled out their new home kits late last season in time to get the strips dirty, it was groundbreaking for a club that has struggled to capitalize financially or publicly on their uniforms.

Of course the club’s initiative-taking didn’t last long, and fans have been left waiting since the spring for the official release of the away and third strips for the upcoming season.

There have been leaked images of the supposed kits, including these which claim to have been for sale in Asia:

Well Everton fans, it looks like the wait for the official release may be coming to a close, and in doing so the club will be breaking new ground by being the first club to use their Ladies team to unveil new kits.

Well, in this case #whatif quickly became #goingto:

While some fans wouldn’t care if they brought Big Sam back to model the kits as long as they were for sale, the idea of focusing on the Ladies team so early in the season is exciting for those of us who root hard for the side, and the WSL in general, to succeed.

The #whatif campaign can only lead to the growth of the women’s, and by extension the entire, game of soccer.

Launching the kits using the ladies will both demonstrate Everton’s commitment to the growth of their own ladies side while bringing positive attention to the club early in the season.

Sounds like a win-win.

Now just release the kits already!