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Silva: Everton needs a strong connection between team and fans

Excerpts from Marco Silva & Marcel Brands first official Everton press conference

Marco Silva
Marco Silva
Everton FC

We’ve seen enough of these press conferences in recent years to know that they are basically photo opportunities with some platitudes thrown in to keep the fanbase happy. The first official press conference for new Everton Director of Football Marcel Brands and manager Marco Silva was also a press junket, but did provide some insights into how the two men will work together, how they think and present themselves in public, and most importantly, what their vision for the club is.

While the assembled press corps seemed more interested in getting Watford FC-related soundbites or tried to pry a name or two to add to fuel a new round of transfer rumours, neither Brands nor Silva played along and even used humour at times to deflect those questions.

“It is a huge club, a huge story behind us as well.

“We [myself and Marcel] want to develop the Club, develop our players, and make the Club better every single day. This is our goal.

“It is important to make the fans proud of our team. We need to build a strong connection between the team and fans.

“I know, because when my teams played here in the last two seasons, it is a fantastic atmosphere here [at Goodison]. The fans push the team and they are demanding. For me, the fans reflect how big the Club is. It is a huge club and we need to give them some good feeling.

“I know what our fans expect and I know what they want to see in every game: big commitment, big attitude and always a big motivation and big ambition in our team. It is our obligation. When you are in football, you need to put that in every day in your work.

“If the fans feel we are doing everything in every single match, at the end we will be proud. Then it is a matter of getting results and we will do everything to do that.”

There has been no official confirmation on whether Everton have decided to settle with Watford financially over the appointment of Silva, and the press were unable to get any juicy soundbites out of him either, despite trying to bait him.

“I don’t want to talk about the past really, I have great respect for the other clubs I have worked for.

”I’m really happy to be here to talk with you about the present and the future, and not to talk about the past.

“Now it’s the next step and new page in my work and it’s a moment to look forward.

”I know what is my behaviour every day, and I know what Everton did as well, what Watford did. Really it’s not important.”

He was also asked if he would target any Hornets players, specifically Richarlison who has been linked in the past with the Blues.

“I expected that question! No it’s normal, it’s already started and the next few days more names will come.

”We know really what we want for our team, but the first thing we will do for sure is to look inside, to analyse everything that we have and afterwards be assertive and find the right targets for us.

”The list is not so big because what we have in our hands is important for the respect of our players.

”Of course we’ll do what we can to improve, to have more competition for places because it’s something I like to see every day’ keep competition for the starting XI.

”But I repeat again we will analyse everything inside, our squad and our players, and afterwards we will take the decision.”

Silva also added that he was looking to build a legacy here at Everton, something which the Blues have lacked since the departure of David Moyes earlier this decade.

“It is my goal and the Club’s goal. I have joined here not for one, or two years but for more. It is a big challenge.

“I know what our fans expect and I’m very proud to be here, to be the new Everton manager. I’m excited, really happy and looking forward to getting started.”