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Everton Ladies sign new midfielder

She hails from Ajax...

Inessa Kaagman
Everton Ladies Fans

Everton Ladies Manager Andy Spence told that the club will be working on bringing in new players to improve upon this season’s ninth place finish:

With our recruitment in the summer I feel we will be stronger and we can look at new things over the summer to make ourselves better and we will be working hard on that.

It’s only been a few days since their last game but Everton Ladies have already made a change, a midfielder swap with Dutch club Ajax. Marthe Munsterman will leave the Blues to join Ajax Amsterdam. Munsterman made 18 appearances and had one goal this season.

In her place, Everton Ladies will be gaining Ajax midfielder Inessa Kaagman, who had 11 goals and 18 assists this season.

She told

Everton is a very big club. When I spoke to (head coach) Andy Spence I felt like one of them so they made me feel at home.

I have seen some English games like the FA Cup on television. I have seen it is faster and more physical than in Holland.

I don’t know the team very well yet but I hope to help them by scoring goals and attacking. I am not a defensive player but I hope to help as much as I can.

Pre-season training for Everton Ladies begins in July.

Welcome to the club, Inessa!