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Everton Season Review: Goalkeepers

Is this man our best player?

Everton v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Welcome to the 2017-18 Everton Goalkeeper Season Review. Welcome to the 2017-18 Everton Season Review. Unfortunately, an autopsy is required before we can truly bury this year. Up next, the goalkeepers.

2017-18 Everton Goalkeeper Performance

Player Minutes Goals Conceded Clean Sheets
Player Minutes Goals Conceded Clean Sheets
Jordan Pickford 4140 70 12
Joel Robles 360 7 1
Maarten Stekelenburg 270 3 2

Jordan Pickford

Performance: Pickford was absolutely under fire from opposing teams all season long. After a year at Sunderland, he has to be wondering what it’s like to have a decent front four ahead of him. Look at the center backs Pickford had in front of him this year. We reviewed that portion of our season train wreck here in great detail. Despite that, we got ten clean sheets from Pickford and 121 saves. The Premier League website blames him for two errors leading to goal.

Future Outlook: If the sport has any justice Pickford will be the starting keeper for England in this summer’s World Cup, and if we are very lucky he will be here at Everton for the next decade. Other than perhaps Seamus Coleman at right back I can’t think of anyone on this roster who is as secure in his place in the club as the English keeper is.

Grade: A

I can’t think of what else Jordan could have done this season. As disastrous as all this season was, none of it comes to roost with Pick. No one else at this position mattered this season, and his job was never in question. We paid a huge fee for him and he did all we could have expected to justify it in year one.

Everton FC v Atalanta - UEFA Europa League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Joel Robles

Performance: Frankly, there’s not much to say about either of the next two players. Robles, to his credit, seemed to have a good attitude throughout the season despite almost never playing, and provided his usual in the few moments he was called upon: impressive athleticism, questionable technique.

Future Outlook: Joel will almost assuredly be departing for different pastures over the summer, likely to his native Spain. A new backup will be required.

Grade: Incomplete is probably the fairest choice, but we’ll give Joel a B for being a good guy.

Maarten Stekelenburg

Performance: Uh...well...there was that one time...wait, that was last year...hmm...yeah. Stek was hurt almost the entire year, unfortunately.

Future Outlook: Like Robles, expect the big Dutchman to leave this summer and Mateusz Hewelt likely take his place as the third keeper.

Grade: Incomplete