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Everton at West Ham United: Writer Prediction League

The season comes to a close with one last round of predictions

Everton v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

We’ve finally made it to the end of the season, and with only one match remaining, our prediction league has a fair bit more to play for than Everton.

The Toffees toiled to a draw against Southampton last week, looking very much like a team that knew its season was effectively already over. Will this week’s trip to play West Ham United and David Moyes look the same?

Before we answer that question, let’s review our (hilariously poor) predictions from Everton’s draw against Southampton.

Southampton Predictions

Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score Points
Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score Points
Adam Tosun Tosun Everton 2-0 0
Brian F. Tosun Tosun Everton 2-1 0
Brian L. Rooney Tosun Everton 2-0 0
Calvin Tosun Tosun Everton 2-1 0
Chris Tadic Bolasie Everton 2-1 0
Matt Walcott Pickford Everton 2-1 1
Mike Tadic Walcott Southampton 2-1 0
Sean Tosun Tosun Everton 2-1 0
Tom Tosun Tosun Everton 2-1 0
Tyler Tosun Tosun Everton 1-0 0
Zach Tosun Tosun Everton 1-0 0

Our predictions for a big day for Cenk Tosun and Everton came up short -- nobody picked a draw, or the correct Southampton player to open the scoring. Only Matt got any points at all, picking up the solitary point of the week on the back of Jordan Pickford’s man-of-the-match performance.

With Southampton’s victory over Swansea mid-week, it looks as though Tom Davies’ very late equalizer won’t impact the final outcome in the Premier League, but it had a potentially huge impact on our prediction league standings. Take a look!

Prediction League Standings

Writer Points
Writer Points
Mike 79
Calvin 75
Brian F. 56
Matt 55
Brian L. 54
Sean 54
Chris 52
Adam 50
Tyler 49
Zach 49
Tom 46

Mike was the lone writer to pick a Southampton win last week, and he would have gotten two points for it if not for Davies’ late (deflected) heroics. Those points would have put him six clear atop the table, all but destroying Calvin’s hopes for a comeback.

But, Davies did score and Mike did not get those points, keeping a Calvin comeback still alive.

Across the rest of the table, there are some interesting storylines as well. Tom still has a chance to climb off the foot of the table with a strong week, while an astounding six writers still technically have a chance to claim “best-of-the-rest” status with a third-place finish.

Let’s take a look at the writers’ West Ham predictions then, and see what they’ll be hoping for on the final week of the season.

West Ham Predictions

Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score
Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score
Adam Baines Pickford Everton 1-0
Brian F. Tosun Pickford Everton 2-1
Brian L. Tosun Tosun Everton 2-0
Calvin Arnautovic Pickford West Ham 2-1
Chris Arnautovic Coleman Draw 1-1
Matt Arnautovic Pickford West Ham 2-1
Mike Arnautovic Tosun Everton 2-1
Sean Walcott Gueye Draw 1-1
Tom Walcott Coleman Everton 1-0
Tyler Tosun Pickford Draw 1-1
Zach Tosun Tosun Everton 2-1

In the results category, it’s a pretty mixed bag, with six Everton victories, three draws, and two West Ham victories predicted. The group is unanimous about the first scorer if he is to come from West Ham — Marko Arnautovic scored four votes. Tosun and Theo Walcott are both prominent in that category as well.

By picking West Ham, Calvin has kept his hopes of catching Mike atop the table still alive. A West Ham victory by a 2-1 scoreline, coupled with Jordan Pickford being voted man of the match would give him sole possession of first place, and consecutive victories in the RBM Writer Prediction League.