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Architect defends Everton stadium project on social media

The harassment of Dan Meis online continues

Bramley Moore wall
Bramley Moore wall
Royal Blue Mersey

After yet another season ending in ignominy, Everton fans have been very vocal about their gripes in recent weeks. The only thing that has been moving along making positive progress over the last few months has been the new stadium project, so naturally it was only a matter of time before the Toffees Twitterati set that aflame as well.

The fan workshops hosted by club architect Dan Meis in the beginning of April were held to poll supporters on their opinions regarding design elements for the Blues’ new home at Bramley-Moore docks, and appeared to be a huge success.

The architect showed some concepts of where he was coming from regarding the scope of the project, including what parts of Goodison Park he was looking to carry on to the docks. At the conclusion of the workshops, Meis then commented that visuals and sketches would be shown in the next few weeks, and therein lies what’s bugging the naysayers.

It’s been just over a month since the workshops, and there has been a core of supporters who remain highly skeptical that the stadium talk is just an excuse to sell season tickets to a gullible fanbase that has been desperately starved of success for a couple of decades now. This same group continues to shadow Meis on social media as well, haranguing him for sketches and reveals that he likely has no control over.

No matter how many designs, workshops, concepts, conversations or anything else really this core group is shown, they continue to insist that there will be no new stadium, and likely will continue to complain even as they walk up to the gates of Bramley-Moore on its opening day in a few years.

And now it appears Meis has had enough and is hitting out against the those naysayers -

As fans of the club for decades who have been let down before, previous history has clouded our optimism over this exciting project.

Meis ended with some strong statements as well as expressing his personal commitment to the new stadium.

Meis’ vision is one that would elevate Everton to the echelons of the world-class level, and the current Board will have a hard time matching up to his grand ambitions. Improving the communication between the Club and the supporters, especially on matters as critical as this, should really become a priority.

After the hullabaloo over the fan survey that was sent out while the club plodded on under Sam Allardyce from week to week, Everton should have realized the importance of timing. Skepticism on anything good coming the Toffees way is completely understandable and the Club needs to be better at allaying those fears.

The stadium at Bramley-Moore docks is a matter of pride for each and every Evertonian. Starved of trophies as we have been, it represents our one trophy we can hold on to for now until we sort out the other matters and start winning them on the pitch. The Board needs to remember that.