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Allardyce in astonishing attack on Everton fanbase

The Everton manager is either deluded or blissfully unaware of the growing resentment towards him from the fanbase

If Sam Allardyce set out to wind-up the Everton supporters in his pre-Liverpool press conference he passed with flying colours.

The Toffees manager was at his belligerent best as he once again brushed off the growing criticism of his reign from the supporters.

I struggle to find any Evertonian, online or in the street, who wants the former England boss to stay beyond the end of the season (many want him to go now).

But when that was put to Allardyce by journalists at Finch Farm, his response was astonishing.

“Where are the doubters? Have you been looking at Twitter again? Facebook for 10? Your lives are really run by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram far too much.

“You’re professional journalists, you shouldn’t listen to speculating unprofessionals, which is what you’re doing, to get your stories too much.

“So be real and say there are a few that are complaining. A few speculating that my reign at the end of the season is going to not be here on many fronts on radio, TV, the papers and of course on social media.

“So you create the stir but for me that’s only a small minority. That’s what you live with, I understand it.

“Until Farhad rings me up and says ‘Sam we don’t want you anymore’ then I know I’m not wanted anymore. When everybody else says I’m not wanted or I’m going to be changed, then I don’t listen to them.”

When asked whether he didn’t get enough credit for what he’s done at Goodison Allardyce soared to new levels of delusion:

“I personally don’t think I couldn’t much more than I’ve done with the staff that I’ve got, in the period of time I’ve been working here with the players, who were in an extremely difficult position when I arrived.

For instance, West Brom were above us when I got here. So look where we are now and look where West Brom is.”