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Toffees Mailbag: Everton Stadium, new kits, Big Sam’s future and more

Answering all of your relevant, and irreverent, Everton questions

What a great first few days back from the international break!

First, the Toffees offered themselves up as chum to Manchester City so the de facto Premier League Champions could build up some Merseyside confidence before their Champions League quarterfinal matchup Wednesday at Anfield against Liverpool.

Great work boys!

Then, it actually happened.

An announcement happened pertaining to the club, and the fans were almost unanimously..... happy.

This sense of collective happiness and excitement about something pertaining to our beloved club could only be brought by a man the entire Toffees world has come to endear.

Dan Meis.

First, any concerns about seat to pitch distance were immediately expelled.

Then......the home end.

First compared to our beloved Goodison.

Oh...and that ‘frightening’ Kop??

Finally, Meis showed his keen eye for detail and awareness of history.

So far there is nothing that tells me that this stadium isn’t going to be one that is going to be the envy of the entire league in both location and design.

Nor is there anything that tells me Dan Meis shouldn’t be in charge of the whole damn club.

Ok...not yet....maybe after we see how he plans to manipulate the light off the water to prevent anyone from seeing the color red while inside the venue.

I’m just saying, they are doing some amazing things with science these days.

I’ve officially gone off the rails, so time to get to your questions.

You come to the mailbag for the for the deep reflections.

Ok...seriously now, onto the questions.

Does a bear shit in a car park?

No...the answer is no....

I understand that there a lot of intelligent soccer fans and pundits who believe that Morgan has been a bit of a scapegoat for a team that is in shambles.

I get it.

Sure, he hasn’t played as well as he was expected to when he joined over a year ago, but outside of the end of last season the team has basically been a gigantic dumpster fire.

He has been tasked with balancing/connecting a team that has changed formations and personnel so much that trying to get any type of rhythm is impossible.

Put another way, Morgan is supposed to be a lynchpin in the middle, but you can pin shit together.

This entire line of thinking is a fair way to view the MS situation, with countless radar maps and stats to back it up.


We are talking about professional athletes.

A player like Morgan Schneiderlin has been with a number of reputable clubs under a number of respected, if not talented, managers.....and Big Sam.

In his many years of soccer grooming, someone surely pulled Morgan to the side and discussed the importance of BODY LANGUAGE.

I am not a world-class coach, but even I spend time with my high school and college athletes working on the messages you send your teammates, coaches, and supporters simply by the way you carry yourself around the field.

Schneiderlin continually slumps his shoulders, rolls his eyes, and overall plays as if the task being asked of him is a burden he should absolutely not have to carry.

(Burden? Try being a Toffees SUPPORTER Morgan).

Liverpool v Everton - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

For comparison’s sake, even when Tom Davies is going through a rough patch, no fan EVER questions his commitment to the club or the cause.

He goes all-out all the time, and I know because I CAN SEE IT.

The next Everton manager will be tasked with deciding whether they can get the best out of the former French international or need to move him out.

As it currently stands, I think Morgan’s Everton career is currently on life support.

But if he keeps up his current pace of play:

He’s a dead man walking.

Well, the Toffees signed a deal with Umbro a few years that runs through 2019-2020, so we have at least two more year of the diamond on the right breast.

I have been generally happy with Umbro designs as at least they don’t have the similarities with other teams like those with Nike, Reebok etc... always seem to do.

On another note, if these were our kits I would DEFINITELY buy one.

What bad feelings??

Honestly though, I am completely baffled by any fan who DOESN’T see what Big Sam is doing to the club.

His low expectations, indignant attitude towards the fans, and overall lack of appreciation for the club THAT GAVE HIM A CHANCE TO MANAGE AGAIN AFTER BEING FIRED FOR CORRUPT LITERALLY UNDER-THE-TABLE DEALINGS is startling.

He acts like a man who has nothing to gain from managing Everton. As if his assistance in ‘escaping’ the drop zone should cause us to overlook the glaring issues he has INTRODUCED to the club.

If Big Sam thinks getting to 50 points is going to cause Everton fans to change their minds about him he is just as stupid as I thought.

My dream for May 14th, the day after the season mercifully ends:


At least not successful enough to be considered successful at the END of their first summer together, especially not in a World Cup year where the transfer window is severely shortened.

What a new duo COULD do, however, is sign 2-3 ‘diamond in the rough’ players they have both worked with in the past or come from a league they know well.

A few under-the-radar signings won’t get most fans looking back fondly on the summer (besides Big Sam’s removal), but should they prove to be stabilizing members of an improved, organized, motivated squad fans moods will change quickly.

Of course, then again, should Farhad move quicker than I ever dreamed and both men are in place by late May they COULD find time to convince some bigger names to come join the Toffees.

If all else fails??

Call Dan Meis.


The Vaccines

Combat Sports

Holy muffins do I love this album.

How much?

This is the only album that I have listened to since it was released last Friday.

All I can say’re welcome.

Favorite Tracks: (I couldn’t pick just one!)

Your Love is My Favourite Band

Out On the Street

Take it Easy

Someone to Lose

Rolling Stones