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Allardyce: “I can’t honestly produce any more than I’m doing”

Exactly why Everton fans want him gone

Huddersfield Town v Everton - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Yesterday marked another game that Everton walked away with the three points from, but with the fans leaving feeling underwhelmed once again. Certain media sources might be going on about how the Blues recent results have only been bested by the top six, but also show how tone deaf the mainstream media has become regarding what the club should be striving to achieve. and where they really are.

There were over 2,000 Everton fans in Huddersfield’s stadium yesterday, and they spent the game serenading Sam Allardyce with chants of “F**k Off Sam Allardyce”, especially in the second half.

After the win though, Big Sam played the victim card quite perfectly -

“I can’t honestly produce anymore than I’m doing. I’m sorry if some fans don’t like it, but we’re trying as hard as we possibly can, both myself, the staff and the players.

”What can I say when you’ve got 14 points out of seven games when we were in a position of difficulty when I arrived.

“I can only say it’s just one of those things and if we keep winning hopefully they might change it to love.”

Unlikely that’ll be happening, especially when you take a look at the stats a layer deeper than the superficial.

He went on with comments about the team on the day -

“Excellent performance over the 90 minutes. The players’ qualities in the end have shone through and our performance as the game went on got stronger and stronger.

“Our ability to cope with Huddersfield, at what they had to throw at us in terms of attacking was nullified by the quality of our defending.

”The way we took the two goals and the quality of our finishes were excellent and we really could have had more in the second half.”

Allardyce also added that he felt the players have done well recently -

“We’ve got 14 points out of seven games now so we’re riding as high as we could possibly ride.

“I think that our efforts from the players particularly has been fantastic. When you hit that safe 40-point mark it’s very easy for a player to think about his holidays and actually switch off.

“This is the best run of results and points I’ve gained since I’ve been here. I had a really good start, but I think we’ve equated more points this time than then.

“We’re pushing ourselves as high up the league as we possibly can, we’ve sat in the top half for nearly the entire time I’ve been here apart from perhaps a couple of weeks.

“That really is all down to the players’ efforts really from day one. We’ve had our moments in-between where it certainly hasn’t gone the way we wanted but we’ve bounced back at this moment in time.”