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Seamus Coleman is Mr. Everton

Walcott thrilled to be playing with the Irishman

Everton v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

“Oh Seamus, how do we love thee, let us count the ways...”

Everton have been truly fortunate to have some incredible players pull on the royal blue shirt over the club’s 130-year history. Even in these currently-dark times, there are some real gentlemen who still line up for the Toffees every weekend, and make us proud to be known as the People’s Club.

One of those fine footballers is known as Seamus Coleman and without a doubt he will go down in Everton lore as a true legend. His rise to the top belies his humble beginnings in Ireland, and he transferred over for the measly sum of £60,000 back in 2009. That will eternally remain the best 60 grand ever spent by the Blues, and has been immortalized in song as well -

Note the key line in that chant - “Seamus Coleman.. playing football the Everton way...”

Right now there are plenty of questions about what football style Everton play and the identity of the team, but without a doubt there is no question on what we Blues know the Everton way is, and Coleman is as close a manifestation to the School of Science as we will ever see.

Tough-tackling, no-nonsense, hard-working, nose-to-the-grindstone yet capable of divine moments of skill and blessed with a fearsome shot.

His work off-the-pitch is stellar as well, as he is associated himself with numerous charitable causes and supporting other social endeavours while keeping out the media spotlight.

The 29-year-old has shown incredible resilience in recovering from a horrific double-leg-break and returning to the game.

That there is everything we want in our Everton players, and even new additions to the squad have noticed this.

Theo Walcott joined the Blues in January and could not be happier to have been paired with the Irishman on the right. Speaking to, Walcott said -

“He’s an absolute dream to play alongside. At times, he says to me as a winger, ‘I don’t mind being one-on-one’.

“It just shows the confidence he has got in himself defensively. Going forward, as well, the way you can link off him is great. He is fantastic.

“When you think of Everton Football Club, you think of Seamus.”

Coleman bravely put himself in front of a late shot against Newcastle to protect the Everton goal and preserve the lead, and everybody noticed it too.

“Seamus’s header at the end was fantastic – it’s a match-winning moment, that.

“He has played at the highest level for so long and obviously he’s had that horrific injury, to come back the way he has…mentally it’s not an easy thing. But you wouldn’t have even thought he had the injury. He is a fantastic professional and a great character in the dressing room.”

We couldn’t be prouder and happier to have Seamus Coleman as part of the Everton family.