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Blues’ boss expresses displeasure over fan survey

What a surprise.

Everton v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

This week’s Everton-related controversy has been centered around a fan survey which asked, in essence, what level of confidence supporters have in the Blues’ back room and coaching staff. Of course, the derisive response from all corners of Everton fandom was nearly unanimous - we have no confidence in Sam Allardyce or his deputies.

Responses to the survey were taken on a 0-10 scale, with 0 being no confidence and 10 being the utmost confidence. The quiz was sent to all official club members, and it did not take long before screenshots of everyone answering “0” made their way around Twitter.

Sam Allardyce was given the opportunity to speak about that fan survey today, and predictably did not have kind things to say about its line of questioning.

Allardyce went on to say that he received an apology from chairman Bill Kenwright, which is odd in and of itself. We confirmed that this survey is sent to fans annually, and regularly contains a line of questioning about trust in staff and ownership.

It seems likely that Kenwright only apologized because of the backlash, to which I ask...what did you expect, Bill?

Everton are led by a man who has shown a propensity for disrespecting the club’s heritage and ambition. Allardyce shows no interest in playing progressive football, and regularly sets up his sides - at Goodison Park - for a draw. He is a blowhard, and not a talented one.

You can excuse Jose Mourinho’s gruff tone and propensity to alienate. He has a trophy cabinet the size of Big Sam’s dinner plate. But combine the regular aloofness with stunningly dreadful football and equally poor results, and this is what you will get. Unrest. Displeasure. Torches and pitchforks.

If there’s anything Bill Kenwright needs to apologize for, it’s this season, and hiring Allardyce at all. We want our club back, Mr. Chairman.