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Everton seemingly insistent on free Jack Wilshere transfer

Arsenal man’s contract issues at the Emirates persist.

AFC Bournemouth v Everton - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

For what looks to be the second summer in a row, Everton appear set to sign a broken, overrated, and positionally ambiguous English midfielder (hi Wayne!).

According to, Jack Wilshere is unhappy that Arsenal have suggested he take a pay cut. Enter the Blues.

But understands Everton are growing in confidence that they could win the race for Wilshere should he become available.

The Merseyside outfit have made it clear that they are willing to offer Wilshere a sizeable signing on fee and have no issue matching the wages he is currently on in north London.

What I would like to propose to you is the following idea.

What if Everton did not do this?

Sure, it can be argued that the club need a ball-progressing midfielder, and sure, the idea of Jack Wilshere is a pleasant one. He’s English. He tries hard. What’s not to like?

Well, for starters, this:


Wilshere’s injury history needs little introduction, but it is still startling to see it laid out in such a visual way.

Furthermore, according to TransferMarkt the 26 year old has played six different positions across his career. That puts him in the same tier as Rooney in terms of “well, he’s versatile, but we don’t really have a place designed for him, either”.

We’ve all seen the trouble that three different managers have run into this season with figuring out how to use Rooney, and even Ross Barkley before him.

It isn’t that Jack Wilshere isn’t talented, it’s that allocating major resources to a player with so many red flags isn’t something that Everton need to be doing, ever - but especially now.