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Allardyce smirks on as Everton fritter away lead to lose

Manager’s comments after Blues lose at Burnley

Burnley v Everton - Premier League Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

The less said about yesterday’s Everton loss the better, but fans will be relieved to hear that manager Sam Allardyce has not changed his tune and continues to pretend that the problems on the pitch are not his own doing.

When asked during his post-match press conference about the boos and abuse from the Blues traveling support that rained down on him as he left the pitch, he answered -

“It happens. Fans have what they consider a new guy coming in. My job is not what the fans are saying or not saying. What we want is the fans cheering us not booing you, of course, but I have to look at the situation.

”That’s what you deal with as a manager, everybody has an opinion and I have to make the decisions and you hope they have an impact in a positive way.”

There were boos even earlier when goalscorer Cenk Tosun was hauled off for Oumar Niasse.

“This is only his second start ... We replaced him with fresh legs which is Oumar (Niasse) who has scored more goals recently than anyone else.

“It hasn’t worked by the fact we haven’t played well enough in the second half to create enough chances. Everyone has an opinion on a game of football.”

And just in case you were wondering how he hadn’t blamed any of the players yet.. here you go.

“It’s very frustrating to create that many chances in the first half, and not to capitalise on those more has had a massive impact on the result today. So we’re left extremely disappointed by the fact we’ve ended up losing the game.

”I think the second half was more about Burnley playing with Wood up front with Barnes, and us not coping with the more direct style of play they chose to use. We didn’t produce anything like the quality we did in the first half apart from Gylfi manufacturing an opportunity for himself that he would normally have scored.

”And then we decided not to deal with the corner correctly and allow a free header. We have to say to ourselves, ‘Why did we lose that?’ and it’s us. We’ve only got ourselves to blame.”

About the only thing we can wholeheartedly agree with Big Sam on was his comments about Ashley Williams, who capped off an abysmal performance with an ugly elbow that got him deservedly sent off.

“Ashley Williams getting sent off sums our day up. It shouldn’t happen, he’s swung his arm and he’s an experienced player.

“No complaints with the red card, you can’t do that. It was unprofessional from Ashley Williams.”

He even recommended that Williams should be fined, which we can also agree with.

“There is the fines system which is in place for everyone in the country, which is across the board. Straightforward for everyone to follow so there is no need other than to go through the system. Silly thing.”