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Toffees Mailbag: Random International Break Edition

Answering all of your relevant, and irreverent, Everton questions.

There is no rhyme or reason for this week’s “mailbag’. Just like this international break.

There are no pertinent questions being answered and the content provided has no theme.

Unless you consider ‘completely random’ a theme.

(I do now.)

Anyways, being an Everton fan now means waiting for the season to end and then having a panic attack every morning you wake up and Big Sam has yet to be fired.

I for one look forward to the stomach pains and imminent nausea as Sam continues to put his sticky, gravy-covered fingers all over the Toffees.

Anyways, enjoy the randomness below and we will get back to ‘regular’ order next week.

Whatever that is.


As someone who lives thousands of miles away.....I agree.

LOVE the bow tie.

You can laugh, but it IS a lot of people’s default measuring stick for toughness and ability to make it in the Premier League.

Toffees >> Toffee

What’s missing? A eulogy for Everton’s back four? Surprisingly though, the Blues do have three straight clean sheets against City at Goodison Park. Also, if you watched the ad above then you’d think City were playing against themselves on Saturday.

Yes, I know he is 45 years old, but I am STILL insanely excited about Zlatan coming to America.

Any chance he is considering quitting club football and focusing entirely on the national team?

Asking for a friend.

Luis Suarez has no clue who Ashley Williams is. Also, the defender was terrible against Uruguay and left in the wake as Edinson Cavani scored the winner. No one was surprised.