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Tosun’s drive to succeed at Everton paying off

Player asked for additional training sessions to improve himself

Stoke City v Everton - Premier League Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Sam Allardyce’s words belittling his effort and preparedness must have really stung, because he took them to heart and showed his determination to succeed. So much so that Cenk Tosun asked the coaches for overtime training to prepare himself for the Premier League, and four goals in three games show he has now arrived for Everton.

Assistant manager Craig Shakespeare, speaking to evertontv, expressed his admiration for Tosun’s drive -

“I think when Cenk came he was quite surprised by the tempo of the Premier League and it took a bit of time for him to adjust, not only to his surroundings but to English football.

“We saw as staff his willingness to work. He wanted extra training and that comes with the added complication of ensuring he does not do so much that his legs are then too tired for the games, so we had to get that right with the sports science department.

“But I saw a real drive in him and I am really, really pleased because some of the work he has been doing on the training field has now come out in the games.”

Immediately after his match-winning performance against Stoke City, Tosun credited club legend Duncan Ferguson for his revival of fortunes. Shakespeare went on to add that his hard work was reaping due dividends.

“It is about making sure they are working hard enough and putting in that effort. The player’s personality will either grow on you or it will suggest they might need that little bit of a kick up the backside.

“We knew from when Cenk came that he was a willing worker, so then, as a coach, you are more likely to put your arm around him than kick him up the backside. And you can see now in the work he is doing that he is reaping the benefits.”

Funny Shakespeare says that because Allardyce appeared to kick Tosun to the curb, and then most unironically wasn’t shy about claiming credit for the player’s success either.