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Ademola Lookman has no weaknesses

Just ask him.

Southampton v Everton - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

I’m a big fan of Ademola Lookman. One of the things I love about the youngster is his absolute confidence. Recently, speaking to the official Bundesliga website, Lookman was asked what he thought his weaknesses were on the football pitch and he hit us with this gem:

“I wouldn’t say I have a weakness... I don’t have a weakness, no.”

Some might interpret this as a kid getting big-headed and full of himself, but he also talks plenty about how he needs to continue to work hard and I think he’d happily recognize he can improve. What we are seeing from him in that quote is the exact kind of confidence you want from a young attacker who has been through the challenges Lookman has.

After all, his manager tried to dissuade him from taking a loan to RB Leipzig in the first place, because he thought he would be in over his head, and Lookman chose to believe in himself and as a result has been a success so far in the Bundesliga. In a world with managers as daft as Sam Allardyce, a young man like Ade has to believe in himself because he isn’t getting that same support from the man running his own club (into the ground).

At Leipzig he has gotten the support from the coaching staff that he deserves. RBL coach Ralph Hasenhüttl said that Lookman is:

“An absolute asset to our squad... I think he has the right quality in, for example, the one on ones.”

Hasenhuttl doesn’t seem to agree with his young attacker about Lookman not having any weaknesses, saying that the young player still needs to work on adjusting to the tactics in Leipzig, but in fairness to Lookman, the first time he was given actual tactical instruction this season was when he landed in Germany.

Lookman also spoke well of the league in Germany as a whole, saying the following when asked to compare it to the English Premier League:

“It’s different to the Premier League. The Premier League is a lot more physical, but most of the teams here like to play football in terms of more passing and moving. It’s a lot different to the Premier League.”

The Bundesliga is a very technical league and actually a great watch for those interested in something new when Everton isn’t playing. It’s also known for it’s wonderful fan support, which Lookman himself noted:

“The fans never stop singing for the whole 90 minutes. It’s a good feeling to be on the pitch when fans are singing for 90 minutes - it gives you a real confidence boost.”

I for one am thrilled at the way things are going for Ade in the Bundesliga. I just hope that the stupidity of Everton’s managers not playing him for so much of the early part of the year hasn’t soured him to the club. He could be a wonderful player for us for a long time if he is just given an opportunity, an opportunity like the one he has been granted at RB Leipzig.

Look, Man: Ademola has no weaknesses. He just needs the chance to show it.