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Everton’s Sigurdsson seeking radical therapy for knee ligament injury

Icelandic star want to ensure he doesn’t miss the World Cup

Burnley v Everton - Premier League Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

UPDATE: 5:30p BST / 1:30p EST

This entire piece appears to have been lost in translation - as the rendition we obtained via Google Translate was incorrect. Please ignore this story.

While there has been no official confirmation from Everton on what the results are from Gylfi Sigurdsson’s meeting with a specialist yesterday, it appears the forward has gone immediately into his recovery process to ensure he doesn’t miss the World Cup later this summer.

A tweet from Icelandic boxer Kolbeinn Kristinsson seemed to indicate that he was with Gylfi and the two have flown to Panama to get stem cell therapy to help speed up the healing from his knee ligament issue.

Translation: Flying with Gylfi to Panama preferably just now in Stem Cell Injections! Then he will be 100% ready for World Cup

NOTE: It appears this could be translated as “Fly Gylfi to Panama” as well, in which case this is indeed all conjecture.

We have to warn that this remains very speculative as we have no confirmation that Kristinsson is with (or even knows Gylfi), but this tweet has been posted on, the premier Iceland football site who have been covering all aspects of Sigurdsson’s injury including breaking the news of the ailment to begin with yesterday.

Iceland have qualified for their first ever World Cup and the whole nation is holding their breath as to how long Sigurdsson will take to recover with their first game against Argentina looming in less than a hundred days. This would indicate that Sigurdsson not only saw a specialist yesterday but has already scheduled surgery if not had it done as well.

Stem cells treatment is a very normal thing for speeding up joint recoveries as your body circulates cells at a normal rate to recover naturally, and the stem cell treatment does the exact same thing but at a higher concentration to speed up the process.

Multiple NFL players rely on this while Cristiano Ronaldo underwent a stem cell procedure for a hamstring injury ahead of Euro 2016, which Portugal went on to win, so hopefully this works out well for Gylfi.

More on this story to come.