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Everton will get a warm weather training break after all

Blues going to the Middle East like they do every year

Everton Training and Press Conference Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

Everton will be going away for a warm weather training camp this month like they have done for the past few seasons. Speaking in the build-up to Saturday’s clash against Crystal Palace, manager Sam Allardyce revealed the Blues will leave after Tuesday night’s Everton in the Community Gala Dinner the night before.

The reasoning given for the midseason break as every year is always the same - the sunshine will do the players good and training away from Finch Farm will act as a team-bonding exercise. It hasn’t necessarily changed the team’s fortunes over the last few seasons, but there hasn’t been a full-blown crisis at Everton for the last few years either.

“We’re going on a warm weather training break, yes.

“We’re into our 41 game on Saturday and normally, by now, I would have taken any team away and they probably only would’ve played 40 matches, max.

“So training in the warm weather and warm climates always made a massive difference to every team I’ve worked with.

“The only team I didn’t take away, because I didn’t get the time to, was Newcastle but the others teams have been on a warm weather training break at the right time and we’ve always seen a really good increase in their ability to try and get results.”

Former manager Ronald Koeman had taken the team to Dubai last season, and before him Roberto Martinez had gone to the Canary Islands in his first season, followed by Dubai and Qatar, also in the Middle East in the next two.

“Not that it’s guaranteed that we will get results but it gives us a better chance that we will that they come back not only fresh physically, but fresher mentally and there’s been a huge amount of pressure on these players because of the number of games, the changes and, of course, the poor results.

“So trying to relieve the pressure for a few days, train in that warm weather and allow the players to get to know each other better.

“That is very important, that they do some bonding together, get to understand each other better and understand what each other wants to achieve and often that can’t happen when you’re coming in from home everyday, training and then go home again.

“You don’t spend as much time together as when you are away.

“So leisure time, talking amongst each other, enjoying each other’s company will hopefully help them learn more about each other.”

The Blues would normally leave right after tomorrow’s game with next weekend reserved for FA Cup clashes, but Everton will now leave on Wednesday after the EitC event.

“Normally we would go after the game but the Gala Dinner is so important to the club and Everton in the Community, they do a fantastic job.

“So it is a pleasure for us to turn up and support that, especially after the work they’ve done over the last 30 years.”