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Hodgson still mad about Allardyce mocking him

Apparently no personal apology was ever made

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Fulham v Blackburn Rovers - Craven Cottage Photo by Joe Giddens - EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images

There’ll be another interesting angle when Everton host Crystal Palace this weekend. Apart from the fact that the Blues manager Sam Allardyce had previously been in charge at Selhurst Park before current boss Roy Hodgson, the two also have a bit of an ongoing feud from when Big Sam took over the England job (for one game!) after Hodgson was sacked following England’s debacle at Euro 2016.

In a sting video that eventually caused Allardyce to lose his Three Lions job, he was recorded mocking his predecessor’s speech impediment that causes his to roll his R’s in a pronounced manner

“He’d send them all to sleep, Roy. Woy. He hasn’t got the personality for it.”

He went on to criticize what he termed as Hodgson’s lack of decision-making abilities as he argued with his assistant Gary Neville over the introduction of substitute Marcus Rashford in the knockout round game against Gylfi Sigurdsson’s Iceland.

“They were arguing for 10 minutes about bringing him [Rashford] on - him and Gary Neville. So Gary was the wrong influence for him.

”F****** tell Gary to sit down and shut up, so you can do what you want. You’re the manager, you do what you want, not what they anyone else.”

It appears Allardyce never apologized to Hodgson in person despite claiming to have done so multiple times in public.

“I never apologised personally because I never got hold of him, but went out and did it publicly. I’ll hopefully speak to him and see him at the game. A lot of time has passed since that unfortunate situation I was in.”

Meanwhile Hodgson doesn’t necessarily expect an apology, but did express his disappointment about what had happened.

“Do you like being insulted? No, not particularly.

“Did it bother me? I didn’t lose any sleep over it.

“My relationship with him ­before, I always thought was good. Now I would expect it to be less good. Will I shake hands with him? Of course.

“(It’s) far too late. It has gone. It belongs to the ­distant past. In jobs like I am doing at the moment, when you are the ­manager of a Premier League club, you live very much in the ultimate present and the future.”

Hodgson is not the first manager Allardyce has had something nasty to say about, having expressed sentiments that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was “a soft German” along with other feuds with Rafa Benitez, Marco Silva and more.