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Big Sam talks Klaassen and Sandro

Pretty bold of him...

2017 Europa League 3rd Qualifying Round 1st Leg Everton v Ruzomberok Jul 27th Photo by Alan Martin/Action Plus via Getty Images

Have you ever been in a relationship that both of you know is going to end, and one of the people in that relationship starts making future plans? The idea is that they are trying to set future dates that you two will need to be together for in hopes of extending the relationship.

Maybe it’s just me, but that’s the vibe I get when Big ole Sam starts talking about players and their future as if he’s the long term option at manager.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Sam Allardyce said about Davy Klaassen -

“He’s tried to fight for his place the whole of this season and like many, many players that come here the first time around, they don’t work.

“There’s more players that don’t work in their first season than work. So contrary to what everybody thinks, players from abroad don’t work in the first season, they fail more than they succeed, that’s across the board and at every club.

“So it’s season two that really counts. You want them to work in season. You can’t be patient because nobody will let you be patient but in year two, who knows.

“We could very well have a different player at the start of next season and, for him, he’s got to fight to see if he can get in this season and that may be the case later down the line.”

Personally, I like both Klaassen and Sandro. I’m not really sure where Davy fits in long term given what we have on the roster, but he’s a quality player. He’s very unlikely to see much of the pitch the rest of the year and next summer there will not be a very impressive pile of work to judge him on. His patience this year is due to the fact that he has no World Cup prospects for this summer, but heading into the prime of his career, he isn’t going to spend too long next season the way he has this one.

On the topic of Sandro, Allardyce added -

“It’s the start of a whole new season and when the new season starts everyone starts fresh and everyone has new chance to impress and you’ve got the whole pre-season to do that.”

If Sandro clicks at Sevilla (it didn’t happen in his first game, if you’re wondering) then he is going to have very little interest in coming back. Being a success at a big club in his native Spain is not going to make him more interested in working at Everton. Sevilla’s option to buy is reportedly about €9m, and while that’s an okay profit, it’s cheap for a successful forward at a mid-level European power.

And if the forward doesn’t work out at Sevilla, he’s not very likely to have the support of the Everton faithful now is he?

I don’t really think there’s much news here. Sam’s setting up future plans with Everton and he’s using two guys to do it who are unlikely to pan out here. All in all, I think the story here is more about Sam trying to consolidate his position than it is about Sandro or Davy.