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Everton among 2017-18 season’s highest spenders

Latest CIES Football Observatory data focuses on transfer windows

Everton General Meeting Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

£201 millions pounds and counting, and what do Everton have to show for it? Out of the cups and Europa League, 7 points above the relegation zone, and 10th place in a surprisingly combative and open Premier League (7th place is only five points away) but little hope that the team will actually start to play any coherent football under embattled manager Sam Allardyce who seems more obsessed with complaining about his squad than trying to make lemonade with the lemons he has on hand.

Football analysts CIES Football Observatory have released their latest issue and this week they recap the January transfer window, look back at the summer transfer window and put together all the transfer data for the 2017-18 season.

Top 10 spending clubs, 2017-18 season
CIES Football Observatory, Issue 213

If you look at what returns the top ten clubs have gotten for their massive investment this season, it’s Everton who have the most reason to feel aggrieved. Even AC Milan, who are the only side not at least in the top six of their respective Leagues, are in eighth and only three points off a Europa League spot at sixth.

If you take into consideration European competition, then every one of the ten sides but the Toffees have progressed to the knockout rounds of either the Champions League or the Europa League.

With all the problems that Everton have had this season, this has been a classic case of the Toffees’ new riches doing the club more harm than good, especially when it hasn’t been spent in a prudent or logical manner by Director of Football Steve Walsh and the players signed not getting integrated in a cohesive manner by a combination of Ronald Koeman and Sam Allardyce.