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Rooney wants to go into management

Wazza opens up on first Monday Night Football stint

Everton v Huddersfield Town - Premier League Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

If Wayne Rooney does indeed end up in football management, this season more than any other in his long and distinguished career will have taught him more than ever before.

For one, he’s going to have to pick up the art of ‘manager-speak’. In his first ever appearance as a presenter on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, Rooney was insightful and honest as he opened up on a number of topics, some related to teams, players and managers he had played with, as well as more contemporary topics in the game.

However, this season he has seen first-hand the nuances of how managers say one thing and then turn around and do the completely opposite - Sam Allardyce, after making the case that Rooney and Gylfi Sigurdsson could not be on the pitch at the same time, promptly fielded both in a game Everton went on to win, and then even more incredibly, dropped both in the weekend debacle at Arsenal.

“I would like to go into management. I have been involved in football my whole life. That is something I know.

“I have enjoyed tonight, and I am sure I will do a lot more work on television, but ultimately I want to go into management.”

It can be said that between Sir Alex Ferguson and Big Sam Allardyce, Rooney will have seen the best and worst that a managerial career can offer, before he makes up his mind to take the plunge.