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Allardyce ensures Everton’s Emirates embarrassment


Arsenal v Everton - Premier League - Emirates Stadium Photo by Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images

I wrote this at halftime, scheduled it for the end of the match, and turned off my television. You didn’t need to see the entire match to make a judgment on today’s Everton performance, and smart self-care dictated that I simply walk away.

Sam Allardyce’s team selection today was nonsensical, and the Blues were behind the eight ball from the kickoff. A formation change, a debut, and six changes meant that Everton went on the road to a top six side with no cohesion and no clue.

The defending was shambolic, the attack nonexistent, and all the while Allardyce screamed at his players from the touchline, despite being the one person who could have prevented this embarrassment.

This is a club going nowhere fast under their current manager. The fact that today’s “performance” came on the heels of perhaps their best match of the season only serves to infuriate fans further.

There are, somewhere, some good players here. Unfortunately, the management team at Everton Football Club would prefer to misuse, not use, and otherwise awkwardly stumble through a Premier League season rather than coming to their senses.

A full reset is required. Show some damn pride.