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Midfielder no closer to Everton redemption

Allardyce updates Klaassen’s progress in training

Everton v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

At this point you’ve got to wonder if it’s just Sam Allardyce. Everton continue to put in one underwhelming performance after another, and apparently Davy Klaassen is doing all the right things in training, but is yet to sniff the matchday squad. What gives?

Especially now that we see and hear Allardyce saying the same things about his signing Cenk Tosun, it’s not the chilly winter mornings but the manager who is freezing players out.

The Turkish striker apparently is doing very well in training, but is suffering from the effects of the cold weather and therefore is not quite ready to play, if Big Sam is to be believed.

This is was not dissimilar to what Allardyce said about Sandro Ramirez and Davy Klaassen in the past, before trying his damnedest to get them shipped out during the January transfer window.

However, if we don’t play him in a few more games and see what he’s learned, then we enter next season none the wiser than this season, especially if we switch managers as expected.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, here’s what Big Sam is now saying about the Dutchman.

“At the moment Davy Klaassen comes in and trains as best as he possibly can and does all what he can on a regular basis.

“He’s not a sulker, he tries his hardest everytime he comes into training. But at the moment we see what we see, and we see the qualities of the players and haven’t quite seen that in Davy to encourage us to put him in.

“He’s got big competition and that big competition is something you have to accept and try and improve so if you do get the chance then you take that opportunity.

“Maybe somewhere down the line we will give him an opportunity.”

Somewhere down the line? There’s ten games left in the season with precious little to play for, for crying out loud. Play the man!