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Toffees Mailbag: A Trip Down ‘Meme’-ory Lane with your favourite Everton memes

Let’s celebrate a year of the mailbag by taking a trip to the past.

When I first emailed the Royal Blue Mersey writing team about joining up to help create content for Everton fans, I was equal parts excited and nervous.

When they said YES, I was ecstatic.

Since the day I have joined, the entire team has been amazing to work with, and the ride over the past 12 months has been spectacular.

I have gotten to engage with Everton fans from all over the world, learn a MASSIVE amount about the club I love so dearly, and hopefully in doing so I have brought some level of joy, no matter how small, to the lives of the Blues who read my column.

Life is a fickle journey, and coming together with a community that has such an unwavering and shared passion for their beloved Toffees is one of the tools I lean on to get through the good days and the bad.

I am proud to say that over the past year, I have been able to produce a mailbag every single week, but that isn’t a testament to my own efforts, as much as your own. Without your interactions, the mailbag wouldn’t exist!

Thank you to everyone who has ever submitted a question, commented on an article or a tweet, or just simply read the mailbag. You are half of the mailbag team.

So with that being said, let’s take a trip down memory lane with the mailbag!!

Our first logo for the mailbag.. looks like Santa’s sack.

Who remembers the Rom-O-Meter, and how faithfully we tracked his every comment?

How about when we debated if Everton were better off with or without Gerard Deulofeu?

Which is your favourite Leighton Baines hairdo?

That meter swung up and down all season.

The stuff nightmares are made of.

Gareth Barry the Terminator!

Speaking of hairdos, we went traipsing through Google Images here.

If the Premier League teams were named after animals!

Even ‘Everton transfer dude’ couldn’t get the two guys above to join the Blues.

New logo!!!!

Little did I know how backwards I would have this:

Funny which one of the pair ended up at Chelsea.

The beginning of the ‘Wayne Rooney returns to Everton’ debate.

Ugh. This did not work out for us did it?

Neither did many of these.

Did you forget I did this song? How can you forget this epic number?! Who knew we would still be singing it in February?!? (You’re not singing it? Fair enough. Vocals aren’t good.

The Island of Misfit Everton Toys.

Not only was I on the Niasse hype-train, apparently I was also riding that train for every meme I could!

AND THEN.........

Thus ended the Ronald Koeman experiment at Everton. But come Halloween the threat of relegation was real.

(Weekend is one of my favorite memes to be honest!)

Come on...that’s pretty funny.

Get it??

There wasn’t much to be thankful about in Europe for the Blues.

That was optimistic huh?

(Worst photoshop of the bunch. It looks like Arya stole his face after killing his mojo at Manchester United)

Of course, there was the Mason Holgate boy-band phase.

I LOVE puns.

Wow!!! It was a great time looking back on a year at RBM via memes!

Keep the questions coming folks, and we’ll be here making more meme-ories!