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Alfie’s Army furious over court proceedings

Father stands alone in court.

Alfie Evans, the young Evertonian whose story we’ve followed here at RBM, currently has ongoing court proceedings that will decide his fate. The hospital seeks to remove the rights of Alfie’s parents to determine care for their son so that they can end his life. The parents meanwhile are seeking to privately finance moving Alfie to another European hospital that is willing to seek to continue to try to heal their son.

Going into the court proceedings, Alfie’s father wanted his lawyers to seek an adjournment. The lawyers were not willing to comply to the family’s wishes, so they dismissed them and asked the judge for more time to find counsels willing to help. The judge refused. The result is that Thomas Evans, a man of only 21, with no legal background, has to stand to defend his son’s life in a court of law these last two days.

Alfie’s supporters have been extremely active on social media asking for help and calling for justice. After months of trying to handle things with the hospital without the courts, of raising funds to fund their child’s care, of getting tens of thousands of signatures on their petition, things are now coming to their rapid conclusion in the courts.

Despite the wonderful generosity of Alfie’s supporters, the funds available to help Alfie pales in comparison to the resources gathered by the hospital. Numerous gifts were given just last month as folks sought to help a children’s hospital at Christmas time. It’s absolutely tragic that those gifts given in the spirit of Christmas seem to have freed up the resources for Alder Hey to pursue the death of one of their own patients.