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Schneiderlin booed by Everton fans when entering game

A significant response towards the player from the fanbase


That was quite emphatic wasn’t it?

With Everton cruising at 3-1, Sam Allardyce decided to give all action hero Idrissa Gueye a break and a chance to receive some adulation from the Goodison Park faithful. However, had he known what that would turn into, he should not have bothered.

When the fourth referee’s board went up and fans caught sight of Morgan Schneiderlin stretching next to him, a smattering of boos went around the stands, and it was sustained long enough to pick up steam and go on for a few more seconds.


Booing at Goodison is not completely out of the blue after all, with Everton players having heard an earful more than once just this season itself after disappointing lacklustre performances.

However, that has usually been aimed at the whole team and it’s quite rare that one player, especially one still on the squad and wearing the royal blue, gets to hear a chorus of booing like that.

So, what do you think, was Schneiderlin being booed at home deserved? He has been quite awful at times this year, was involved in that training walkout fiasco earlier this season and has also looked quite disinterested at many points this season.

However, he is an Everton player after all and booing him will not do his shattered confidence any good will it? This could maybe spark the player, but it’s more likely to make him angry at the fans and that is certainly not right either.

There are some opinions that the boing was actually aimed at Allardyce for not bringing on Cenk Tosun, but it's hard to say, especially when the booing was sustained after Schneiderlin had his name announced on the tannoy.

You can only assume there will be more to come on this.