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Everton Ladies beat Liverpool Women — AGAIN, this time just for fun

Happy Holidays to Everton Ladies and to Everton Ladies ONLY

Liverpool FC Women v Everton Ladies FC - FA Continental Tyres Cup
Blues leading the way! Go Chloe Kelly!
Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

On Sunday, Everton Ladies faced Liverpool Women for the second time this season — and came away with their second victory. Though the match was in the Continental Cup, a competition in which Everton was already mathematically eliminated from advancing in, it still had everything:

  • A goal in the 2nd minute from Chaney Boye-Hlorkah!
  • A goal off of a volley in the 10th minute from Simone Magill, her second goal against Liverpool in 2 weeks!
  • A goal from a 17 year old Elise Hughes on her first start for the club ever!
  • Former Blue Courtney Sweetman-Kirk didn’t score for the Reds! :) (Niamh Fahey scored the lone goal for Liverpool in the 14th minute.)
  • Captain Dan Turner returned from injury and subbed onto the game in the 78th minute! YAS!
  • The Blues dominated the game and had quite a few other chances as well!
  • Though Everton didn’t have a chance to advance to the knockout stage regardless of the result of this match, Liverpool could have advanced with a victory by several goals. Oh well!

New assistant manager, Chris Roberts, told before the game that even though the Blues are out of the Continental Cup, the derby was still “massive”:

“First and foremost, the game is an opportunity for us to bounce back from a defeat.”

“Winning’s a habit and we want to have that momentum going into the Christmas break. No-one in the dressing room needs telling what this game means to everyone at the Club and how much it means to everyone who comes to watch us.”

Beating Liverpool 2-1 a few weeks ago was great, and then beating them again 3-1 is even better. The two teams will meet again at the end of the season on May 12th, and if this trend keeps up, Everton will win 4-1!

New rule: Everton Ladies play Liverpool Women every single week because then they would be undefeated.

Happy Holidays to Everton Ladies and to Everton Ladies ONLY!