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Everton at Manchester City: Writer Prediction League

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here

Everton v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

December brings utter fixture madness every season, and 2018 is no different for Everton.

So hectic, in fact, that Monday’s match against Watford slipped right past our team without getting predictions in — but who can really blame us, given the result!

The Watford match was preceded by a home match against Newcastle United, which brought the same result — an utterly disappointing home draw. From two matches that the majority of us felt Everton would take six points, the Toffees instead walk away with only two.

The importance of those two matches cannot be overstated, given that they are sandwiched between matches away to the Premier League’s clear top two teams, Liverpool and Manchester City.

So, let’s take a look back over the last few hectic weeks, then finally a look forward at what we expect to see in the Manchester City match this weekend.

Liverpool Predictions

Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score Points
Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score Points
Adam B. van Dijk Pickford Liverpool 1-0 4
Brian F. Salah Gomes Draw 1-1 0
Brian L. Richarlison Sigurdsson Draw 1-1 0
Calvin Salah Pickford Liverpool 2-1 2
Chris Mane Sigurdsson Liverpool 2-1 2
Geno Salah Digne Liverpool 2-1 2
Matt A. Mane Gueye Liverpool 3-1 2
Matthew C. Mane Pickford Liverpool 2-1 2
Pete Sigurdsson Sigurdsson Draw 1-1 0
Rachel Sigurdsson Pickford Everton 1-0 0
Sean Salah Gomes Draw 1-1 0
Tom Sigurdsson Sigurdsson Everton 2-1 0

Divock Origi’s late goal at Anfield turned the predictions for this match on their head. It earned me four points, multiple other writers two points, stole two points from those who predicted a draw, and probably cost Jordan Pickford our man of the match as well.

Newcastle Predictions

Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score Points
Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score Points
Adam B. Sigurdsson Lookman Everton 1-0 0
Brian F. Richarlison Richarlison Everton 2-1 0
Brian L. Sigurdsson Gomes Everton 2-1 1
Calvin Richarlison Gomes Everton 2-1 1
Chris Walcott Walcott Everton 2-0 0
Geno Sigurdsson Richarlison Everton 3-1 0
Matt A. Sigurdsson Sigurdsson Everton 2-1 0
Matthew C. Walcott Gueye Everton 1-0 0
Pete Tosun Lookman Everton 2-1 0
Rachel Tosun Bernard Everton 2-0 0
Sean Sigurdsson Richarlison Everton 2-0 0
Tom Richarlison Lookman Everton 2-0 0

No one really expected the Newcastle match to go as poorly as it did, and as a result, our entire group of writers amassed a measly two points — Calvin and Brian L. correctly predicted Andre Gomes as the Everton man of the match.

The result in our prediction league table, primarily, was the rich getting richer.

Prediction League Table

Writer Points
Writer Points
Calvin 64
Rachel 56
Adam B. 53
Sean 51
Geno 51
Chris 51
Matt A. 51
Pete 50
Brian L. 49
Tom 49
Matthew C. 46
Brian F. 45
Zach 44

Calvin continued to stretch his lead over the majority of the pack, though the unfortunate result against Liverpool helped me close the gap on the leader.

It isn’t overly likely we’ll see a ton of change in the table this week, because most of us are in agreement that a trip to Manchester City is more or less a death sentence.

Manchester City Predictions

Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score Points
Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score Points
Adam B. Jesus Keane Manchester City 2-0 3
Brian F. Jesus Davies Manchester City 4-0 3
Brian L. Bernardo Silva Richarlison Manchester City 3-1 4
Calvin Sane Pickford Manchester City 3-1 4
Chris Sane Gomes Manchester City 4-1 2
Geno Sane Gomes Manchester City 3-0 2
Matt A. Sterling Sigurdsson Manchester City 3-1 4
Matthew C. Sane Pickford Manchester City 3-1 4
Pete Sigurdsson Pickford Draw 1-1 0
Rachel Sterling Gomes Manchester City 2-0 2
Sean Sterling Gomes Draw 1-1 0
Tom Aguero Gomes Draw 1-1 0
Zach Sane Mina Manchester City 1-0 2

Not much to say about all this — even facing injury troubles, City is just too good for Everton to have a real chance in this one.