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Silva: I want to achieve important things at Everton, and win

Toffees’ manager is here for the long haul

Everton FC v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Despite having made a number of stops already in his short managerial career, Marco Silva insists that he is at Everton with long term goals in mind. Originally dubbed as the ‘next Jose Mourinho’ in Portugal, his last couple of stints have taken some of the gloss off his resume, but he remains a manager with epic achievements at a very young age.

The 41-year-old spoke to the Daily Mail about what convinced him to come to Everton.

“When I spoke to the owner we both agreed that we have a long project here and we have to do it step by step. We have to build a club to be competitive in the long-term.

“I want to achieve important things here and win, of course. I have only one way to work and that is 100 per cent focus and commitment. That is what drives me and please understand that I was like that at my other clubs too.

“I understand the point you make, of course. These last years I have not stayed more than one year at a club. But when I started as a manager (at Estoril) I was there for three years and we did amazing things. It was a project. That is what I want to do here.”

The Portuguese manager is very clear that for the Blues to have success, they need to hang on to their top talent first and foremost.

“In the last years, players here did well and then were sold to Manchester United and City. That can’t happen any more. If we keep them we will get stronger. That’s what other clubs are doing and look at them now.

“The money is important, of course, but it’s not just that. Yes, we must pay the salaries that some of the other clubs can pay. Players must feel valued here.

“But when the club sold Romelu Lukaku to Manchester United it was not about money. I was not here but I know about this. It’s about having the right conditions here, creating something that helps us achieve. If we don’t, big clubs will take our best players again.”

Speaking of talent, he was aware of current England #1 very soon after embarking on in his Hull City adventure in January 2017, when they lost to Sunderland backstopped by an excellent Jordan Pickford.

“He saved every shot and until this conversation I had forgotten about it. I think I need to remind him.”

Another talent is Ademola Lookman, who was publicly courted by the RB Leizpig despite the Blues saying often they would not sell him. Silva insisted that the youngsters will not have squad spots handed to them without the work put in.

“They need to show the passion to play for us and then I must have the passion to put them in the squad. I don’t want them to give up because they don’t play for three months. This is a process. It is something we have tried to explain with Ademola Lookman during the last market.

“It’s easy to understand the very good offer he had (from RB Leipzig), but we did everything to keep him because he has the capacity to achieve big and I want that to be here.”

The manager went on to explain that while he is building a team for the future, he is equally concerned with keeping the Blues competitive in the present as well.

“’I have an ambition to win and you always must use it to drive you.

“When you are at a club like this and understand the history you have to be ready to give them what they expect. The supporters are hungry and it’s a good pressure. They want it tomorrow but they must be patient.

“We have changed many things. New manager and new football structure, new players who need to understand me and understand the club. I can’t change everything in three months. I know a manager doesn’t ever have time to look long-term. You have to support everything with results.

“But if we keep doing what we do behind the scenes — giving the players something new every day and developing the squad — we’ll achieve what I want. I want to win titles here. It’s not easy but I want to do something important.”