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Sandro could be on the move again

Sandro expected to continue his grand tour of La Liga lower half sides

Everton v Valencia - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

Of all the players who came onboard during Everton’s 2017 summer transfer window signing spree, Sandro Ramirez continues to be the most underwhelming of them all.

Sent out on loan for the second half of last season after a poor time of it at Everton, he flopped again at Sevilla. Toiling for over 800 minutes in 18 games, he failed to find the back of the net and only got three assists, playing all across the forward line.

At the end of the 2017-18 season, Sevilla were only too happy to let him return to Everton, where he looked like he was winning over new manager Marco Silva during the preseason.

However, the former Barcelona product played arguably his best game in the royal blue shirt in the friendly against Valencia, and was then promptly loaned back to La Liga, this time to Real Sociedad.

Two more minor injuries ensued, and the forward has only featured in six games this season, and needless to say has neither scored nor picked up any assists.

Now it appears Sociedad have tired of the former Malaga star where he hit 16 goals and 5 assists in a lightning-in-a-bottle 2016-17 season. La Real sit in 10th place and do not see him as a part of their plans for the rest of the season, and are seeking to have his loan deal terminated.

Interestingly enough, Villarreal are sitting in the wings ready to swoop in, which will come as a relief for the Blues as the 23-year-old is unlikely to crack the current squad at Goodison Park.

His outrageous £120,000 per week wages, the only way the Toffees were able to convince him to come to Merseyside after his low release clause was paid off, hangs around his neck like a millstone, and the Blues seem fated to send him out on loan after loan until his contract expires in 2021.