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New Everton stadium delayed and downsized

Bad news for fans hoping for a larger stadium

Bramley Moore wall
Bramley Moore wall
Royal Blue Mersey

There’s bad news in store for Everton fans who were either hoping the club would move to the new Bramley Moore stadium sooner than later, or that the new facility would hold over sixty thousand supporters.

Multiple media sources are reporting that with how long the next public consultation phase has taken, it’s unlikely the official planning application goes in until the latter half of 2019, which would mean that the Blues will not be moving to the docks until the 2023-24 at the earliest.

In addition, the new £500million stadium is only expected to hold between 52,000 to 55,000 Blues, while many supporters forums have vocally pursued a number larger than 60 thousand.

Interestingly, another point of note is that Everton has decided to go with private funding for the arena, and will not follow through with the agreement with the Liverpool City Council for the approximately £200million originally planned.

In a statement released by the club, a new round of public consultations has been planned, with the dates announced here.

Everton Chief Executive Officer Denise Barrett-Baxendale is currently in New York City holding talks with stadium architect Dan Meis, said:

“This consultation marks a very significant moment as we progress with this project. We would like as many people as possible – and not just football fans – to take part and let us know their views.

“Our ambition is not just to create a new home for a very proud and historic football club but also a new landmark stadium, in an iconic setting, which will deliver huge regeneration benefits for the whole of the Liverpool City Region.

“We have deep roots in L4 and are committed to building on the extensive investment we have already made in the area. We are preparing plans to redevelop the existing stadium site to create facilities which will benefit the whole community, creating jobs and improving lives.

“Everton is committed to delivering an authentic football stadium which responds to Liverpool’s World Heritage Site designation. The plans we are developing will respect the historic features of the site and complement its surroundings.

“The rich history and connections between the old docker community and the city’s football family are inseparable. A move to the city’s North Docks will be very poignant for many of our supporters who will have had family members work there and will give them a chance to enjoy a part of cultural Liverpool that has not been open to the city for decades.”