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School of Science Radio, Episode 9: Palace, Gomes, EFC Ladies, Mourinho, and more

The newest episode of School of Science Radio is out, and frankly, we had to go a little long this week because there was just so much to talk about. Episode nine discusses the following:

  • What went wrong in the first half against Crystal Palace vs. what went right in the second
  • Andre Gomes’ performance on his debut and how it might effect Morgan Schneiderlin
  • Is it time to end the Richarlison up top experiment?
  • Is Ademola Lookman back?
  • How are the Everton Ladies getting along?
  • Can Everton get a result against Manchester United? Will they?
  • Why is Jose Mourinho so insufferable?
  • What on earth has happened to Alexis Sanchez?

You can listen to this week’s show using the player below:

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