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Everton in the Community takes big step for female supporters

Sanitary products will be available for free at Goodison Park

Everton v Southampton - Carabao Cup Third Round
Goodison Park
Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Before an away preseason game in July, Everton Fan Services tweeted that visiting female fans at the game in Rennes should ask stewards to be directed to the toilets. The implication was that female bathrooms were possibly in short supply, which could lead to a very uncomfortable experience for women at the game.

Having proper facilities and accommodations for all types of fans provides for a more inclusive experience, and Everton in the Community have gotten the message.

EitC has announced a campaign to partner with the ‘On the Ball’ campaign to provide free sanitary products in bathrooms at Goodison Park for female fans.

Menstruation products are taxed and not cheap, so any assistance is greatly appreciated by the community.

Sarah Atherton, Neighbourhood Manager at Everton in the Community, stated on

“Our supporters are part of the Everton family and when we hear figures that one in 10 female fans feel they cannot afford better sanitary products due to affordability issues, that’s where we feel we need to get involved and support. We want to make sure that menstruation is not a barrier for our female supporters to enjoy football at Goodison Park.”

On the Ball was started by three Scottish students and they have recruited about 30 stadiums, including a handful of premier league teams, to provide the menstruation supplies.

The FA released a statistic for the 2014/2015 season that 1 out of every 4 fan attending a Premier League game is a woman. That number may have increased in the last few years and Everton is regarded to be a club with a slightly higher rate of female fans at games.

This partnership is a wonderful step in the right direction.

Kudos to the Toffees who continue to show they are the People’s Club.