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Welcome to Everton, Besiktas and Cenk Tosun fans

Our new striker has quite a following

Besiktas v FC Porto - UEFA Champions League Photo by Cees van Hoogdalem/Soccrates/Getty Images

The signing of Cenk Tosun to Everton has brought with it a fascinating phenomenon. I did not realize just how loved this man is in his native Turkey! The social media love expressed for this player has been overwhelming since coming to Everton, and here at Royal Blue Mersey we just wanted to reach out to these new fans and saw how excited we are to have you watching Cenk with us going forward.

What Tosun accomplishes in the English Premier League remains to be seen, but there is no question he is an absolute star in Turkey. This season, in league and Champions League play, the striker has twelve goals and three assists in about 1600 minutes. This after a season where he scored twenty league goals for the biggest club in the entire country, Beşiktaş. Check out some highlights from the adoration he receives on social media:

The People’s Champ comes to the People’s Club. Sounds like a good fit to me.

We hope they do! We love having folks to share our Toffees with us.

In addition to the fan support, we’ve also got a few recognizable footballers who have expressed their congratulations to our new man:

The Barcelona player and countryman of Tosun isn’t particularly active on Twitter, but he did make sure and wish his friend well.

Negredo knows what it takes to play in the English Premier League and certainly will have prepared his teammate for what lies in store for him.

I have no idea how good Cenk Tosun is going to be at Everton. My hope is that he is as great a success here as he’s been his last two years in Turkey. What I do know is that like all our players, Cenk deserves all the love this club can give him, and that if we don’t give it to him he has an army on social media willing to remind us of our obligation.

To all our Turkish friends who are reading this because of your support of Tosun, we’re really excited to have you! I personally have a special place in my heart for your country, I was in Istanbul myself during the 2009 Europa League Final played there. It’s honestly the best large city I’ve ever been in. I’ve seen much more of the country as well, and I wish you all the best. Everton fans have been looking for a star striker since the end of last season, and if your support and evaluations of Cenk are accurate, we’ve got one. I look forward to this journey together. We have a saying here at Everton, it’s “nil satis nisi optimum” it means “nothing but the best is good enough”. We brought in Cenk because we believe he’s good enough, and we want you rooting for us because we think you’re the best.

Welcome to Everton!