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Alder Hey hospital refuses to allow outside doctor to see Alfie Evans

The hospital becomes increasingly hostile to sick infant.

As reported here previously, Alfie Evans, an infant in the care of Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool, and son of Everton fans Thomas and Kate Evans, had an important day in court as Alder Hey seeks to remove parental rights and end his life. One of the results of that court case was a court-mandated outside doctor coming in and examining Alfie.

According to spokespersons for the family, today the hospital refused that doctor access to Alfie in what they see as a clear obstruction of justice. The visit from this doctor was announced days in advance to the hospital, the courts, and lawyers for both sides of this case.

The court system had previously declared Alfie ‘fit to fly’ and another hospital in Europe is willing to take him as a patient. The Evans family has raised private funds for this transfer, and yet the hospital still fights to end the life of this child who is as yet undiagnosed for what is causing these issues.

As we have detailed before, there have been a number of irregularities in the treatment of Alfie by this hospital, but nevertheless the Evans’ family has been very positive about the doctors and nurses who have applied care to their child.

It is indeed odd that the hospital appears so set on one of their patients dying that they would refuse an outside party to see a patient they themselves cannot diagnose.

Here are some ways you can help Alfie:

Sign the petition to get Alder Hey to release Alfie.

Donate to Alfie’s cause.

Join 40,000 others following Alfie’s group on Facebook for updates.

Follow Alfie’s Army on Twitter.

Keep Alfie and his family in your prayers as this case carries on.