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Sandro Ramirez demands an immediate transfer

And who could blame him?

West Bromwich Albion v Everton - Premier League Photo by Chris Brunskill Ltd/Getty Images

A lot of people are going to see that headline and say “good” or “good riddance” or “who cares”. It’s a disservice to the player and his quality to be dismissed that way. Sandro has demanded to be transferred by the end of the current window, according to the Daily Mail, and he is completely justified in doing so.

I’ve laid out already how we’ve wasted him, and how he’s been out of position in almost every appearance he’s ever had for Everton. You can see that all described in the related article below. He has proven quality, and we just haven’t used it. He’s been a casualty of the utter incompetence of Ronald Koeman, the blithe naivete of David Unsworth and the desperation and required pragmatism of Sam Allardyce.

Everton are a great club, with a wonderful history and they do a lot of things well. Generally speaking, they are good to their players and they develop young players in an elite way. But we’ve dropped the ball here. Sandro is young and audaciously talented, and excited to be here when he arrived last fall.

His options seem to be a return to Malaga or signing on with top-end Spanish clubs Valencia or Sevilla. Both clubs have just punched their tickets to the Copa del Rey semifinals and will be pushing for top four places down the stretch, a prospect made easier by the struggles of perennial superpower Real Madrid.

Everton FC v Atalanta - UEFA Europa League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It would be painful to see Sandro rampaging in Spain scoring goals left and right for a big Spanish side but it would be what the player deserves. Simply put, we’ve let Sandro Ramirez down in a big way. It’s been a real shame, and it’s not what any player as talented as him should have to deal with.

For a club that does so many things well, we really failed on our duty to the player on this one.