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Everton announce design guidelines for new stadium at Bramley Moore docks

Blues’ new home is going to be everything we ever wanted

General Views of Bramley Moore Dock, Proposed Site of the New Everton Stadium Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

Another day and another press release from Everton without any sketches of what the new stadium at Bramley-Moore docks is going to look like, but the Club are making sure the fans are able to see what is going to go into design specification for the Toffees’ new home on the banks of the Mersey.

To help guide and organise your feedback and ideas, we have developed Key Principles, not just for our new home at Bramley-Moore Dock but also for our legacy at Goodison Park and Liverpool 4.

Robert Elstone

Chief Executive, Everton Football Club

Summarized into a list of eleven ‘principles’, the site goes into extensive detail on how each of these factor into the design of the new stadium, the environs as well as as the Grand Old Lady at Goodison Park.

1. Our Fortress

Our objective is to challenge for all honours and play European football every season - and our new home is key to delivering this ambition.

2. A New Home For Everton

We want our new stadium to feel like home to our fans from the moment they arrive.

3. A Platform For Growth

Project can be a platfom to compete at the highest level both on and off the field.

4. The People’s Club

How the new stadium project will allow us to expand our ‘People’s Club’ ethos.

5. An Iconic Landmark For Liverpool

How we plan to uphold the Club’s tradition for innovation and leadership.

6. Easy To Get To, Easy To Get Home

Transport details surrounding the new project.

7. A Legacy For Goodison Park

We are committed to leaving a lasting, positive legacy for the L4 area.

8. Respecting Heritage

Through working with conservation agencies and Historic England, will ensure that our development is sensitive to the history and significance of the site.

9. Harnessing The Environment

We plan to harness the unique features of this location to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable stadium.

10. Embracing Technology

Our new stadium will embrace cutting-edge technology to support and deliver a unique entertainment experience.

11. The Right Deal For Liverpool

How the City of Liverpool will benefit financially from this deal.

There appears to be nothing new here that we haven’t seen or heard about the new stadium, but we certainly encourage all fans to click through and take a look, as well as sign up at the link provided to get your thoughts in now while there is still time.