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Everton v. West Bromwich Albion: Writer Prediction League

Optimism at alarming rates this week

Everton Training and Press Conference Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

Let’s spend as little time as possible thinking about last week’s match against Tottenham Hotspur, eh? Everton got crushed last weekend, as many of our writers predicted, and it was a match worth forgetting.

Since then though, the Toffees added Theo Walcott, gave Cenk Tosun a full week of training, and have a substantially simpler set of fixtures ahead. So, let’s quickly review the Spurs predictions one last time, then look ahead to this weekend’s match against West Bromwich Albion.

Tottenham Hotspur Predictions

Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score Points
Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score Points
Adam Bolasie Bolasie Spurs 2-1 2
Brian F. Kane Kenny Spurs 3-0 2
Brian L. Kane Holgate Spurs 2-1 2
Calvin Kane Pickford Spurs 3-1 2
Chris Alli Tosun Draw 2-2 1
Matt Kane Sigurdsson Spurs 3-0 2
Mike Kane Pickford Spurs 2-0 2
Sean Kane Pickford Draw 1-1 0
Tom Kane Tosun Draw 1-1 1
Tyler Kane Sigurdsson Spurs 3-1 2
Zach Kane Pickford Draw 1-1 0

Most of our writers got the victor correct, though none predicted the obscene 4-0 scoreline. Two writers also correctly guessed Tosun would be the Everton man of the match, though that had more to do with the underwhelming performance of most Everton players than anything particularly positive the new striker contributed.

Because the results from the match were largely predictable, our prediction league standings didn’t change much this week.

Prediction League Standings

Writer Points
Writer Points
Mike 79
Calvin 75
Brian F. 56
Matt 55
Brian L. 54
Sean 54
Chris 52
Adam 50
Tyler 49
Zach 49
Tom 46

This week, our predictions for the winner of the match are unanimous — though that has more to do with the struggles of West Brom than anything positive Everton has done recently.

West Brom Predictions

Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score Points
Writer First Scorer Everton MOTM Winner Score Points
Adam Tosun Tosun Everton 1-0 0
Brian F. Walcott Walcott Everton 2-1 1
Brian L. Calvert-Lewin Walcott Everton 2-0 1
Calvin Evans Walcott Everton 3-1 1
Chris Tosun Walcott Everton 1-0 1
Matt Tosun Tosun Everton 1-0 0
Mike Sigurdsson Sigurdsson Everton 1-0 0
Sean Tosun Rooney Everton 2-0 0
Tom Tosun Tosun Everton 3-0 0
Tyler Tosun Sigurdsson Everton 2-0 0
Zach Tosun Tosun Everton 2-1 0

Theo Walcott and Cenk Tosun are all over this week’s predictions, with our writers predicting (or at least very much hoping) that Sam Allardyce’s two new signings hit the ground running.