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Everton Bramley Moore stadium update from Meis Architects

The Toffees project gets its own page on website

Bramley Moore Docks
Royal Blue Mersey

Everton fans have been chasing after Dan Meis for a stadium update for months, but now the Meis Architects website has a blog page dedicated to the Everton project that the architect promises to keep updated.

The page can be found here, and details Meis’ introduction to the Everton Board and how he got involved with the Club, along with how he got inculcated with the Toffees’ spirit and became a Blues like us all.

Screenshot of page with Everton’s stadium information from the Meis Architects website
Meis Architects

While the Bramley Moore docks stadium is no longer under wraps, there has still been very little information made public by the Board, apart from a survey about fans’ desires, information regarding the purchase of the site, financing plans and involvement in Liverpool’s ultimately failed bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Mayor Joe Anderson and Dan Meis have also been more forthcoming in their interactions with fans on social media, providing information where they can about the progress of the stadium.

In the blog post, Meis writes -

Excerpt from blog post on Everton stadium on Meis Architects website
Meis Architects

This update on his website is a big step in the right direction and gives the whole project a sense of legitimacy that has been lacking so far with what should be Everton’s home for the next century or so. The timing couldn’t have been better either, with Everton set to celebrate Goodison Park’s 125th birthday with a series of events scheduled throughout the season, starting with the home game tomorrow.