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Everton stadium progress unaffected by failed Commonwealth bid

Birmingham got the nod over Liverpool for 2022

Bramley Moore wall
Bramley Moore wall
Royal Blue Mersey

Despite the news from earlier today that the city of Liverpool has lost out on its 2022 Commonwealth Games bid, both the City Council and the Club have announced that this rejection does not affect the progress on the Bramley-Moore stadium in any way.

Birmingham will get the nod to host the XXIInd edition of the Games, beating out Merseyside, despite Liverpool’s transformational bid that would regenerate large parts of the city.

Everton immediately sought to assuage fans who were worried that this would imperil the Toffees’ most ambitious project to date in the club’s history. Mayor Anderson also stepped in to say that this would not hinder progress for the Bramley-Moore venue.

If anything, this only makes the design work even easier for Meis Architects, who are charged with creating Everton’s new home, as there will be no need to accommodate for a running track around the pitch. This will enable the stands to be even closer to the action, and fit in the design brief that Dan Meis has previously mentioned -

“very large, very steep, right on top of the pitch” and the design “gives you the opportunity to create a lot of noise in the stadium to really affect the game”.

More to come on this news, we suspect, but for now this is not bad news.