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Will decision on moving transfer deadline day be made today?

Premier League meeting happens today

Premier League Media Event
Chief Executive of Premier League Richard Scudamore speaks to the media 
Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images for Premier League

Today could mark a significant day in not just Premier League football, but also throughout the game in Europe and further abroad as well. One of the key topics that will be brought up as the chairmen of the clubs that make up the Premier League is the proposal to close the summer transfer window before the beginning of the season.

Plenty of managers over the years, including Ronald Koeman and Roberto Martinez of Everton, have complained long and loud about the current deadline day date which causes disruptions in squads that end up losing players after the season has started.

The problem with making such a decision in a vacuum remains the fact that the Premier League teams will then be at a disadvantage compared to clubs in other European leagues who would still be within the rules signing players from England & Wales with their own deadline days staying at the current end-of-August timeline. In addition, the Premier League teams would then be unable to replace players lost in this manner with the window already closed.

Per Sky Sports, up to 17 clubs out of the 20 in the Premier League could be in favour of this, so if the matter does come to a vote, it would carry easily with 14 ballots out of 20 needed to implement a rule change.

What is expected to happen today is one of these three possible outcomes -

  1. The Premier League accepts the new proposal with it effective starting next summer.
  2. Accept the new proposal subject to further talks, including getting the major European leagues to follow suit.
  3. Reject the proposal and leave the deadline day as it stands.

It’s very likely that choice number two will be what ends up happening, as the Premier League will be wary about putting itself at a disadvantage against European competition.