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Koeman is not worried about getting sacked from Everton

Manager backing his players to play out of slump

Everton v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League
Ronald Koeman
Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

Everton take on Burnley tomorrow with the club still wallowing in a state of turmoil. A poor performance midweek in the Europa League culminating in conceding a late equalizer for a draw against Cypriot minnows Apollon Limassol has once again reawakened chatter about manager Ronald Koeman’s position being under threat.

However the Dutchman is having none of it, insisting that he is not concerned about his job right now (as reported by the Liverpool Echo).

“No. No. No. No. Not worried. Why do I need to be worried? Because the fans are unhappy?

“No. All the teams have spent more money. Huddersfield spent £30-£35m. We spent £50m. £45m.”

“It’s how you look to this situation!

“Even in Holland, they are saying ‘Look, they spent £150m! Look how they play!’ Yeah? But we lost players. And we spent £40m or £45m. Why you speak always about £150m? You know that £150m now, four years ago it was £25m! If Lukaku was sold after Neymar, maybe Lukaku was going to be £130m! It’s not about money.”

When asked again if he was in the hot seat after the poor form from the club -

“And what? I should be worried about my future? I am not worried about my future because I have belief in myself and the players.

“Finally, if the club makes another decision it is up to the club. If I am worried about my situation, how can you live?

“Enjoy life. I was s**t after yesterday, but now I am different. I can be emotional and frustrated and I can be more disappointed than maybe the players and I know this situation.

“I like to continue and I like to finish the contract but I am not worried. If you are worried in this job, there is no life. There are 20 Premier League clubs, 20 managers, maybe 10-12-13 managers worried every day about their job?

“If I am not good enough, they will take another one. That is how I see this situation.

“I do my best. I live 24-hours for football and to make Everton a better team and to win more games. I cannot do more, if it is not good enough, it is not good enough but that is my experience. I was in Valencia five, six months....that happens.

“It happens to everybody. Ancelotti, Van Gaal, Mourinho.”

The Dutchman had commented that his players were afraid on Thursday, what would he be doing to change that?

“The players don’t see a different attitude of the manager compared to last season.

“No. No. I will do the same. I will fight every second of the day to make the team better and to make the right choices and of course everyone can have their opinion. I respect that.

“In football that is normal. If you don’t win, you have problems. Lets hope for a good after match press conference on Sunday!”

Finally, asked if he needed to win tomorrow to keep his job, Koeman quipped -

“… West Ham need to win this weekend, Crystal Palace need to win this weekend, Liverpool needs to win this weekend.”