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Evertonscope for New Moon in Virgo against Apollon Limassol

Everton v Sunderland - Carabao Cup Third Round Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Everton’s game against Apollon Limassol comes after a few wins against Bournemouth and Sunderland.

Everton’s last Europa game ended in an extremely disappointing 3-0 loss against Atalanta and Ronald Koeman has made it clear that he wants his best on the field on Thursday.

The new moon in Virgo will cause the team to reflect on the fundamentals. It will serve as a reminder to the team that they are a talented group with a lot of potential. The Toffees will work relentlessly to increase goal scoring.

As a Virgo, Mo Besic will be especially affected by the new moon in Virgo. He is not likely to get a start against Apollon Limassol, but regardless of his status, he will use this time to focus and reset. Some people noted that Besic did not play his best against Sunderland in the Carabao Cup and has yet to impress after his long time out from injury. But do not count Mo out just yet.

As a Virgo, Mo’s mission will be to fix this. He will find a way to make it right again. Considered to be the most analytical of the signs, Virgos can sometimes come across as very serious and a little bit shy.

Whether on the bench, on the training ground, or in the game, Mo is going to use this time to break down his whole process and put it back together again. He will find his form again and the fans will take notice closer to mid-season.