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Everton supporter and journalist passes away

McClean was a self-described “long-suffering Evertonian”.

Everton v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Paul McClean, a world-renowned reporter for the Financial Times and life-long Everton supporter has passed away suddenly at the age of 24.

McClean was on vacation with friends in Sri Lanka when he separated from the group to use the restroom.

When the young reporter went to wash his hands in the nearby river he was surprised by a crocodile that pulled him into the water. There are currently efforts underway to recover McClean’s body.

McClean joined the Financial Times in 2015 out of Oxford and had made his presence known in his field immediately.

Combining his financial acumen with fluent French, the young reporter was on the front lines of Brexit negotiations. He was known for his keen eye to details and for being able to forecast upcoming road blocks in the incredibly complex negotiations.

McClean established a reputation as a rising star with in-depth exclusives including his revelation that Britain would have to renegotiate no fewer than 759 treaties with 168 countries after its vote to leave the EU. The startling figures were widely followed by other media outlets, including John Oliver’s satirical show, Last Week Tonight.

When not helping the world understand economics, McClean spent his free time watching and reflecting on the Toffees.

Like most Everton fans, McClean longed for the successes of yesteryear, but was an avid supporter of the club through thick and thin and was surely looking forward to the inevitable rise of the Blues.

The Royal Blue Mersey family sends our thoughts and condolences to McClean’s friends and family in this time of suffering.

Rest in peace, Paul.