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Louis Saha tweet to JK Rowling has the internet in a tizzy

Don’t you want to a fly on the wall when that conversation happens?!

Everton Training Session
Louis Saha back in 2010
Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Former Everton striker Louis Saha is a popular figure in the footballing world despite being retired for a few years now. The French forward tends to be active on social media, especially Twitter, and it was this tweet from him yesterday that has many fans quite interested.

It seems like nothing, a simple tweet requesting a conversation. But it’s definitely high on the curiosity chart for sure.

JK Rowling of course is the widely-known author of the hugely popular Harry Potter series of books, but has gained even more notoriety for her political stance over the last couple of years. Her outspoken commentary on Brexit and the current United States President has polarized her followers, and she is often embroiled in Twitter spats.

Nothing quite sets the internet abuzz like a good tweet, and once again Twitter did not disappoint, as this collection of tweets shows -

The Hogwarts houses jokes aside, there had to be some DM references!

Then there are the Harry Potter plot references -

Also a dig at his ill-fated spell at Sunderland after he left Everton - funny how that totally became a thing for former Toffees to do!

As always, there’s people who just want to watch!

The author had not responded to Saha via tweet as of the time of writing this post.