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Evertonscopes: Everton Play Chelsea While Mercury is in Retrograde

What can we learn?

Manchester City v Everton - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Mercury is in Retrograde, so what does that mean for Everton this Sunday as they play Premier League Champions Chelsea?

Mercury in Retrograde can cause things to get out of whack as the planet appears to move backwards in its orbital path.

The team may feel particularly out of rhythm without Morgan Schneiderlin, who is out due to suspension from his red card against Man City. Without his steady control and accurate passing abilities, the Retrograde could cause the team to make more than the normal amount of mistakes, with the potential for one or two big ones, especially in the first half. But, there is a chance for Everton to look sharper in the second half, as this Retrograde is not slated to be disastrous.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin has become an overnight sensation and has gained a lot of recognition after his strong performance against Manchester City. Mercury in Retrograde has affected his day to day life as he is not accustomed to seeing his name in the news, but this game will be important for him to show the world that his breakout performance was no fluke. Pisces are naturally helpful, kind people and are not concerned with the limelight. He will be sure to make some pretty plays, but with the goal of connecting with Wayne Rooney as much as possible.

Mercury in Retrograde is a notoriously bad time to make decisions. It would be advisable for Ross Barkley to put off signing any contracts until after September 5th, when Mercury returns to its normal state. If he does, it could prove to be an unwise move.